"Architecture is a profession that requires constant discovery. I believe creativity comes from approaching every new project without preconceptions. Great design solutions are unique and grow organically out of the specifics of time, place, program, budget and point of view."

John Ashworth




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  • Master of Architecture, Princeton University

  • LEED Accredited Green Building Designer


Why did you become an architect?   Architecture is literally in my genes and has always been a passion in my life.  My grandfather, who studied under Paul Cret at Penn, was the first beaux-arts trained architect in the State of Utah.  My father practiced architecture for nearly fifty years and I have two first cousins in the profession.   From very early on I knew I wanted to be an architect.  How does this love for something pass from generation to generation?  Perhaps because of inherited spatial perception, a predilection to doodle, or perhaps it was the allure of Knoll fabrics and colorful carpet samples in my father’s office.  I distinctly remember the iridescent blues and purples and hot oranges of the late 1960’s a calling card for something new and essential.


What excites you about the future of this profession? Constant change and innovation.  As architects we are always ready to embrace new materials and technology.  I also feel the profession is at an watershed moment right now.  The design and construction industry is just now benefiting from state of the art communication and technology advances that have radically transformed the way the world does business.  It’s exciting stuff.  This transformation should have multiple benefits to the industry and our clients.


 What do you enjoy most about architecture and design?  I like the variety of demands on my time and the need for a flexible skill set.  There are great opportunities and surprises encountered every day within the profession.  Architects, by nature, need to be good at many things:  conceptualizing, designing, drawing , communicating and creative problem solving.  We are able to see multiple perspectives as a means to move things forward in a positive way that works for the client, the end user and our natural and man-made environments.  When an architect manages to create a successful place, there comes a profound feeling of accomplishment.


What is your favorite Place?  There are many and too few.  A great place for me is one that feels like no other in the world.   A great place hangs together, surprises, instills wonder and pride in what human beings can accomplish via mind and matter; but also scuba diving in the Pacific.